Mozaïk is a tool based on nodejs / react / d3 / stylus to easily craft beautiful dashboards.


Scalable layout

Mozaïk dashboards support multiple devices through adaptive layout. You can either put your dashboard on a big screen in the open space, or consult it on your smartphone.

Themes support

Mozaïk dashboard comes with 6 themes and makes it easy to develop your own theme. more

Extendable by modules

Mozaïk widgets are maintained as separate modules, thus available via mozaik-ext-<name> in npm.js. more

Grid positioning

Mozaïk provides a simple way to define your dashboard layout using a grid system. more

Optimized backend communication

Most extensions need to communicate with APIs. Mozaïk eases this by providing a backend, which handles API calls and pushes data to widgets through websockets. more

Multi dashboards

Sometimes, a single dashboard is not enough. Mozaïk allows multiple dashboards with a smooth transition.

Who's using it