Configure Mozaïk theme


You can set the theme you want with the theme key in the config file:

  theme: 'yellow',

Available themes

Mozaïk comes with 6 themes:

  • bordeau
  • light-grey
  • light-yellow
  • night-blue
  • snow
  • yellow

Take a look at the theme gallery

Creating a custom theme

Mozaïk eases the creation of a custom theme by providing a bunch of customizable variables. To create your theme you’ll have to follow this directory layout:

your-mozaik-app/ # root Mozaïk app directory, if you used the demo repository, should be 'mozaik-demo'
  themes/         # custom themes directory
    my-theme/     # your theme, name must match config key
      _vars.styl  # theme variables
      index.styl  # theme overrides

So, you have to create themes and my-theme directories and _vars.styl, index.styl files. Your theme can now be used by setting theme config key to my-theme.

The theme compilation run in two phases:

  1. loads Mozaïk core styles using the stylus variables defined in _vars.styl
  2. loads overrides defined in index.styl

You should take a look at an existing theme to see how it’s built.


As seen previously, this file contains variables availables in core Mozaïk styles, for an exhaustive list of them, see this file. You don’t have to set all variables, if one is not set, default value defined in this file will be used.


This file contains overrides, it differs from _vars.styl because it’s completely independent from Mozaïk core styles. If you want to customize a certain widget or if you don’t find a variable which fit your needs, you should put your rules there.