Getting started

Have Mozaïk V2 up and running in minutes

This is the install guide for Mozaïk v2, be aware that this version is in alpha stage so you won’t be able to use all extensions, you can check extensions compatibility.

Sample Repo

The easiest way to get started is by using the demo dashboard.
For now Mozaïk stable version is V1, in order to install V2 you must use the dedicated branch.

git clone
git checkout mozaik-2

Install packages & publish assets

cd mozaik-demo
# using npm
npm install
# or yarn
yarn install

If for some reason the install command fails, the asset generation should be skipped, you can re-run it with:

# using npm
npm run build
# or yarn
yarn build

Add github tokens in a .env file

This step is optional, it’s useful if you want to bypass github api rate limit. You have to generate a token for your dashboard from your GitHub account, and then set the appropriate var for mozaik-ext-github which is installed by default.

# ./.env

Run the app

# using npm
npm start
# or yarn
yarn start

Mozaïk can be configured through a simple yaml config file config.yml located at the root folder. You should start from the default config file and customize it to fit your needs.